Update log
19Jul2020 - Major update - added Not F.A.T.A.L. but serious RPG section - updates for pre-launch of Slave Girls from      Beyond the Galaxy #1 - updates to paylinks due to personal dissatisfaction with Amazon Affiliates. 23Jan2020 - Major site overhaul - new pages, fanart, gaming and video game session began - Issue #1 ASAP announced! 06Jun2019 - Added  colorized image to Fan Art Gallery- 02Jun2019 - Added 2 images to Fan Art Gallery- from Akumakaze and final one from Bordon. 26May2019 - Updated Fan Art Gallery - fan art from Akumakaze. 24May2019 - slight page mods, added some links and Amazon ad tags.  Added DLSite ad links. 23May2019 - Updated Fan Art Gallery - comission from NDA based on upcoming “Caged Women in the Hell Jail” project. 22May2019 - Website 1.0 completed - no blog/link page at the time. 15may2019 - 0.5 test version and initial communications. Domain and placeholder secured earlier.
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