Fan Art
As per the French saying “Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery” - I like artwork based on my projects.  I don’t care if it’s sub-professional or a stick figure or done with other 3d kits, anyone want to do fan art of my stuff, please e-mail me and I’ll likely put it up with a link to your page and thanks!  I reserve the right to decline, but can’t imagine why I would do so.
Queen 069 and Trode… This one was done by Jack Cayless who’s working on Visual novels and such - Patreon page. Also Twitter page.
Sexy Tentacle victim Sketch for upcoming full work by Bordon Earlier sketches 1, 2, 3
Click for larger image!
Note - images by other persons, do not re-use without permission of myself and original artist!
  This awesome fanart for the upcoming “Caged Women in the Hell Jail” project was contributed by NDA using his characters Aubrey and Jolie in the deadly clutches of Warden Pamela Grue… His Patreon and Twitter.  Also said project is tribute
to “Grindhouse” cinema of the late 60s, early 70s - notably “Women in Cages”, “Big Doll House”, etc.  So could be Warden Amanda aka “Matron”…  Put an Amazon link - if you want a “B” movie you can’t do better and I’d find it hard to imagine it made today!  SJW snowflakes would be    freaking out!
Wonderiul gift art by Akumakaze featuring his cave girl “Maya” as if she was in the upcoming “Hell Jail” scenario.  Yep, likely she’d kill the lot of them when she got teased or harassed once.  Primal Girl! And - another wonderful art, this time a tribute to the Slave Girls from Beyond the Galaxy thing!
Colored it myself for fun!
A cool fantasy based thing of a lady on a rack!
   Awesome art of Slave Girls from Beyond the Galaxy paintings by Jeff Lasley! Twitter DeviantArt
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