Not F.A.T.A.L. but SERIOUS!
Or, how to bring some “OOMPH!” and “Ouch!” and NASTY into your RPG games, JUST to make the RAINBOW  UNICORN SNOWFLAKES CRY!!!
Right click + save as/save link target as… Go ahead!  No tricks, gimmicks, pop-ups… No registration, no 3rd party hosting site full of ransomware - I don’t do that to my customers - even for FREE products! You can download and use this, no cost or obligation - I retain rights to the document and items therin. IF this site is ever taken down yes you can re-post it, re-distribute it - but please note if / when I get active elswhere and link to the new place - but this shite should be up for years. Now this is NOT a “3rd Party RPG system” - you can use D20, Labyrinth Lord, Hackmaster, DCC, OSR, Alpha Blue - DM needs to adapt it - it is a source of setting, mood and adventure ideas. Its purpose:  To make a backlash against the  RAINBOW UNICORN  SNOWFLAKES trying to RUIN traditional RPGs with their Treacly FAKE left Hipster of HATE racism, sexism and nihilism. I don’t hope every RPG session turns into the title I’m making allusion to - but I do hope to make quite a few “Vile” campaigns start and a few normal ones have just a tiny little bit EXTRA “Oomph” in them to tell the  SNOWFLAKES  to FUCK OFF and ride off on their RAINBOW  UNICORNS back to MOMMY Karen - F--- the UNICORNS too!!
-Version log- Version 1.0
Shameless Ad/Self-promotion:  This product is free - as will be much or all of my RPG products - due to my love for the issue and desire to champion true freedom of speech and market against a nihilist “Social Justice” hate movement - please do consider checking the main page and buying my comics, stories, visual novels as they are made available.  Up to you, I hope you enjoy my RPG products at the very least!
Coming Soon: “Revealed Vulgaria” Expansion to Not F.A.T.A.L. but Serious, RPG ideabook!