The S.A.R.K. Score system-
   Working project:      S.A.R.K. score Objective: Focus backlash against Anita Sarkesian and other “Social Justice” types by making games MORE Male appealing with use of women in them in a less progressive and more reward/entertainment.  Thus make games “Worse” by “Social Justice” standards and have the acronym associate this change with Anita and her Social Justice crusaders. Or - to quote another internet personality for Men’s rights and true free speech - “Raging Golden Eagle” - “The more you complain, the BIGGER the Tiddies get…! So - to rate a game - start with Anita’s published “Tropes” Damsels in Distress Women as background decoration Exotic Fantasy Lady sidekick All the slender ladies Women too hard to animate Ms male Lingerie as armor Body language male gaze Strategic butt coverings Women as reward Special DLC for women as reward For each and every instance we give one point.  Like Mario has two, namely Damsels in Distress, Women as Reward.  Ms. Pac man has one for “Ms Male”.
---Then--- we add some -IMO Anita would get a “C” if she went to any college I went to. Just one man’s opinion but SO many other ways to be sexist and objectify. -Interactive sex scenes -Extreme misogyny -Deforming women imagery like big H.R. Giger or Feminoid monsters -Torture scenes -Servant characters And to make whiny, pathetic, social justice warrior  Rainbow Unicorn Snowflakes                                                                               CRY!!! -racist imagery -homophobic imagery -religious prejudice imagery Give one point per instance, spectacular or detailed parts might get up to 3.  Now these max at one “Point” per game though.  We don’t want a game with a dozen android slave women to get an instant one dozen points, while a game with detailed sex/characters to get a few.  But a game like God of War that has a ‘sex’ level of pushing buttons to do sex right is better than just running off out of site like in Grand Theft Auto for banging.  One point though the “Hot Coffee” dating then sex sim is 3 points.
How to use: 1. “Score” a game.  Publish on your website or social media, please link to this project or an alternative if I go away or go silent. -take screenshots with F12 for Steam.  YouTube it’s “Print Screen” plus paste/new image from the clipboard in other art programs -be courteous and list the video you got the images from if using someone else’s vid. 2.  Don’t get butthurt if someone scores different.  Give a nice email on how/why it should be this or that.  Be civil if possible. 3.  If you have better scores or better ideas - email me - I’m glad to discuss and add. 4.  Also email me on games to score - please give detailed reasons like “For FPS madness there’s a Lingerie patch where for $5 your character is a Lingerie babe rather than a space marine so that’s Special DLC…” ---I have two test examples on how I scored some older games on my Wordpress Blog 5.  If I see fit, I’ll post the games on the “S.A.R.K. Score reccomendation page” as possible.  Eventually I’ll expand to a Wiki or something… How to Weaponize: 1.  Look up ways to contact a game developer.  Also advertisers and investors.  You can use search engines, read through published materials, call others… 2.  Write a letter.  Serious.  Polite, concise, to the point. 3.  If possible prove you are a customer - Steam serial #, proof of purchase from the $100 deluxe box you bought, photos of your stuff by them. 4.  Mentiont he S.A.R.K. score but also (situational) politely demand MORE positive Male roles (hero, macho, wins the day) - women as eye candy, reward, sexy characters. 5.  Again be polite, but YOU are the one that pays their wages.  The Social Justice types complain to get others to do their way but are not customers.  You (the man, usually the WHITE man, but I’m not racist here) are the one that plops down your $, waits in line at the store to buy the deluxe edition, orders ahead.  That behavior is still statisticly minimal in other groups.  You are probably progressive but you see the modern “Social Justice” push as something that just spits in your face while doing no good. 6.  Polite but you don’t need to EAT their latest video game. (or other product like RPG, Comic Book)  You vote with your $ and won’t support something that spits in your face to pander to whining college hyper ‘liberals’ that are an insult to real progressive work people lived and died for. 7.  Indeed vote with your dollars.  Per earlier you don’t have to EAT “Zombie Kombat part 20” so if they remove “Bride of Bazoongaz” because of “Feminist” complaints buying it won’t help the issue.  Lots of games made, they have competition and there’s a whole ‘retro’ world begging for attention if you don’t know about it. What good will this do? 1.  Getting your voice out is the biggest part.  SJW’s are only good at complaining.  If you’ve had the misfortune to work retail they are the scummy person who talks all day, hassles other customers or disgusts them away with his stench and demands freebies and if he’s displeased by you goes “I waaant your Manaaageeerrr!”  Small stores usually toss him out.  Large corporate stores suck up to him, giving you real bad points that hurt promotion/retention.  The reason they use to justify it is an old school (think Monty Burns from the Simpsons - Man of the 1920s or 1850s….)  “A satisfied customer tells maybe one person.  A dissatisfied customer tells dozens.”  The upper management truly thinks that applies.  That is how SJWs have so much power over retail - they complain while other groups - yes “Gamers” legit “Have a LIFE” and so are silent.  2.  It will if it takes hold make things WORSE for the SJW crowd.  Simply put, if there’s demand for “Points” most companies will work out cheap ways to do it.  Imagine a retro “Asteroids” style clone.  Like ZERO S.A.R.K. score coz only abstract, spaceships, nothing human….right?  Well I don’t want literally EVERY game to be forced to be “Boobs Saga” I’d be worse than Anita if that was the case.  But imagine them going “Let’s get a point or two…” and they go “How!?” and the ad guy goes - “Uh, can’t you make a ‘rescue the princess’ mission?  Just some cute but cartoony or iconic princess and they have to zap away the Zorgons or something.  Long as its fun and doesn’t screw up your thing…  And the programmer, relived its not a huge re-design goes “I’ll concept it today and put it in  inside a week!”  Instant 2 points for “Damsel in Distress” and “Women as Reward” if something like princess kissing guy in astronaut suit, etc.  Likewise, cyberpunk games will bring back the XXX district, exotic Gynoids dancing in windows, ads for erotic Geisha companions - stuff they were removing due to fear of parental/ratings complaints with no benefit. 3.  Requests for the old school model (aimed at heterosexual mostly white males) will at least counter the SJW armpit so they can’t pretend its other than a social agenda.  That way we can tell “XomaX corp is putting out SJW appeal stuff even though they SUCK.  They got bought out by NonRon Corp that’s run by a daughter of some guy that died, and she was a rabid SJW in college…  She’s running the company into the ground and ramming her agenda!” - thus through word of mouth showing “If you want to support rabid trash can throwing SJWs then buy … but otherwise try … they want your $ but are willing to EARN it!  Good games!  Boobies!  No rabid politics down your throat!