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Or, a nice little list of personal reccomendations. Not a complete or authorative list and subject to change at any time…
WESTERN based games Again, I don’t have a list of ALL the games and if a game isn’t on this list it isn’t because I don’t like it - rather if its on this list I LIKE it or at least it’s reccomended and I’d put that star to note it in that case.  Reccomended but haven’t played yet = star. This obviously is a temporary page, I’ll turn into a Wiki or something eventually…  Right now I want to focus on stuff that need attention, preferrably for having a good S.A.R.K. score - something that’d make Anita Sarkesian SCREAM! Age of Barbarian This game is a tip of the hat to both a classic game “Barbarian/Death Sword” and of course the Sword and Sorcery genre.  Has an “Arena” spin off and is working on something inspired by the “Heavy Metal” magazine/movie! S.A.R.K. score - very high! Note “Metal Fury” game coming soon! Aster If Asteroids was pornographic!  Sold on DL site but western developers.  Has “Army Smurfette” style lady (petite but nice breasts, short blonde hair) piloting ship to blast asteroids.  But there are various aliens and space pirates that if they touch her they take advantage of her!  So fun to both blast asteroids but watch her getting boinked in crazy ways. Boobs Saga Like this game was MADE for this list! Naked women wander around some half-mideval, half-fleshy dungeon trying to escape somehow the crazy, depraved mage who put them there.  Easy to customise them, all sorts of warped, kinky situations. S.A.R.K. score  - off the scale! Dragon’s Crown For PS3, PS4 by Vanillaware.  This game came out just as Anita was at the height of her power and the social justice fake media tried to bury it by insulting it, giving it poor ratings and then ignoring it.  It’s a nice beat ‘em up like TMNT but in the spirit of classics like Golden Axe and the Japanese made Dungeons and Dragons arcade games.  Has lush colors and some exxagerated characters, most notably the Sorceress.  Lots of fun and replay value.  And fun things to find like a Rabbit with big, pointy teeth! Melty’s Quest Slutty Ganguro Princess ends up going on quest to save kingdom.  Haven’t had the chance to play yet but VERY high Steam review! Nirvana Pilot Yume Thing about racing - think Infinity Racer, Race the Sun, etc.  But is set in a sci-fi enviornment with fusion realist/anime style ladies and sex plots between races. Odin Sphere A fantasy game of a story within a story set in a lush 2.5 D enviornment.  Cute, beautiful characters.  By Vanillaware - a rebel while most games were 3D polygon or 3D awkward platformers they chose to use modern computers to make advanced sprites and continue using older formats and push incredible artworks.  The fake lie media in the west tries to ignore or give negative reviews due to pretty women and feminine women in the games.  Princess and Conquest A Hentai Japan style game but made western.  Lots of sexual situations in a fantasy world.  Art is fusion of eastern and western styles.
Make a note that I’m trying to start more with “Western” games as this is the culture that needs more adult content in games, versus Japan that accepts it as a part of the medium as with their comics and cartoons!
Eastern games --Note this list will have very few of said genre, for is massive - but ones I’ve had some exposure to - preferrably ones with English versions that I’ve played and are current/playable without big hurdles. Depravia - Nasty gore game of angel girls fighting through Hell or something - full of gross imagery and butchery - plays good Iris Action - Sexy ninja fights through okay platformer adventure.  Good at collecting scenes where she’s killed or enslaved by monsters.  Has some really good tentacle scenes like eggs getting forced inside her! Succubus games - Succubus castle, Sword of Succubus, etc.  Character is hox super sexual lady - like the demon but living lady - uses her charms to get through adventures - retro pixel style - think NES/SNES era - very solid gameplay and excellent retro pixel animations Sword of Ryonosis - Side scroller fighting game - luscious voluptuous lady with sword slashes at monsters.  Gets raped and killed in lots of ways - heavy on gore scenes - fun - some ok stuff like castles with unfair mazes that send you to the beginning but the visuals are worth it. Unholy Disaster - Metrovania with ditzy blonde priestess fighting evil - lots of rape scenes where she’s grabbed by various monsters so the game isn’t just about getting through but collecting various scenes.  Did fanart for it in fanart gallery!
Non-Adult games ---No, even I don’t want EVERY game to be a pornographic adult only experience.  by far most Western games fit this category…  So- the ones on the list are ones I’ve played that I vouch for heavily, ones that stand out.  Not asking for fans to pressure devs to pornify their games either.  I want Anita screaming in rage and despair, but not developers of existing good products! ---This list is “One Man’s Opinion” and I’m trying to highlight some games I LOVE that simply aren’t that popular though they should be.  I won’t list stuff everyone and their Dog/Cat knows about like “DOOM” though I love them also.  And if a game isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean I don’t like it. OH - and any “Indie” gamers wanting me to SHILL for them? Well, check out my “S.A.R.K. score” my proposal…  Put some extra OOMPH in your game than you might not have otherwise…  Cyberpunk games get gynoid robots dancing in the windows and tons of XXX signs, maybe interactive sex scenes with Gynoids, NPC characters…  AND it has to be playable. Show me and I’ll shill for FREE - though maybe a copy to play.  If I don’t have time but the reviews are OK and there’s good imagery will probably list with that star symbol above. I won’t shill a SH-T game… Well, William S. Burroughs said if the powers that be want you to sell out to do so but charge them dearly… --I’d charge a LOT, more than an indie outfit can afford.   --Like weeks in a hot sex tour hotspot with plenty of money to indulge in vile depravity in luxury… --And money to bribe the police should I get too drunk and hit some poor desperate lassie with the whip too many times or turn the crank handle on the rack and dislocate her shoulders…  Maybe not check a temporary companion’s IDs - or decide to go outside what I normally like… ---And said hotspot needs a good internet connection to encrypt my videos of fun and send them so I can retrieve them at home later then smash the burner computer/phone I use to smithereens… TOR + 1 or 2 Proxies slows down even super-fast city encryption you know… Disclaimer - no don’t tempt me - I’m only fantasizing for Hyperbole… AND - Likely you can’t afford said price in paragraph above to shill for a sh-t game - and if you could, SPEND it on your F*cking GAME so its a GOOD game….  What I said above runs $100K - if you are an indie developer putting $100K into better programmers, more time, more art is better than asking me to sell my good word. However I know how difficult it is, and have supported (with bugs) many earnest tries by people who did put their heart and soul into a project.  So, well enough B.S. -on to games that aren’t porn but I reccomend! Aquaria - an early “Retro Metrovania” movement game - using modern computers to make excellent art based games that were 2D/2.5D instead of another 3DFPS.  Really, there was stuff like this before Antia gave her asinine bray whine on ‘tropes’.  The woman was the main character, hardly “Ms. Male” the story while full of video game fun and exploration played the expectations of the player.  And the music was incredible.  Too bad Alec Holowka is dead now, due to him being a Soy boy and associating with the same “Social Justice” crowd that assaulted the video game, comic book, RPG world worse than any Parents group in the 80s.  Even though I’m for Macho games, women as the damsels, etc. I love this game and Alec’s music. AMID EVIL - FPS - uh, imagine if Quake kept its fantasy theme or they made Hexen/Heretic with the Quake engine - and computers were 20X as powerful (well pre 100MHz vs 3+ Ghz and Gigabytes instead of Megabytes + awesome graphics cards)  So this game is full of high fantasy running around and killing things with magical weapons FPS style.  Like most good retro games its “Everything ….place fav game here… should have been if only!!!” Axiom Verge - another re-Metrovania - this one is “What Metroid should have been….”  No disrespect to Metroid and what it did of course.  But it’s like watching the movie “Event Horizon” and hearing people say “That should have been Hellraiser 4 instead of their campy Cenobites in space.  Has pretty feminine robot faces so maybe a 1 on the S.A.R.K. score but so good I’d hardly change anything. Delver - another “So good I should UN-Install it” game.  FPS deliberate low Pixel but still good art game.  Go through a dungeon that changes every time to try to get a magic orb - then a harrowing race back to the surface to complete it.  Been out a while, also with lots of mods and stuff. Hyperspace Delivery Service - a modern take on “Space Quest” style games and graphics.  This is a game where you travel across many light years to deliver packages.  At the core its a management game - the “Oregon Trail” in space.  It also has action scenes such as 3D space combat worthy of Wing Commander and 2.5D FPS action worthy of the Wolfenstein pre-DOOM era.  A lot of fun and varying levels of difficulty. Noita - This game is on the surface simple and a bit punishing and unfair.  It’s an evolution of “Sandbox” games but before Minecraft.  Where you’d drop SAND (simulated Pixels) and see how gasoline reacted with ice, reacted with dirt, with fire.  But this is some kind of wizard in a fantasy world looking for how to make gold or save the world or…?  And that’s only scratching the surface.  The game is short, brutish but is addictive and replayable.  Let’s put it this way.  I deliberately uninstalled it because I’d went to play for “half an hour” before typing a new story or working on my comics but found it was 3AM!!!  Yes, this game is so good I uninstalled it! Nova Drift - this game is so awesome!  Like everything the old school game Asteroids could have been if computer power was 100X as good.  Simple vector graphics but use of particles and abilities modern computers give.  Pew Pew Pew at enemy spacecraft with some rocks, black holes, comets mixed in.  It’s real strength is the alchemy of upgrades you get in ship, weapons, shields, special abilities and how they can be combined for almost every type of play tactic.  Good for short bursts of gameplay but an experienced player can have a ½ hour plus session. Space Invaders Extreme/Infinity Gene - Two different games but modern evolutions from the classic using modern computers to both give good tribute to the past and players from it but at the same time a modern gamer’s need for something more.  Both are very fun and worth buying. Spelunky - ANOTHER game so good I had to uninstall - so MANY hours wasted.  But what fun! Star Explorers - very cheap game but excellent for the price.  Remember “no man’s sky” and all the hype?  Well for $5 you can have an open world explore space world.  Playing it I’m reminded of the classic PC then Genesis game “Starflight” but this time you can walk around the worlds and go into caves, explore ruins, meet strange alien creatures and kill them.  Procedural generation, sandbox, etc. Superflight - a game where you glide around odd mountains in a windy world.  One trick pony game but very fun for what it is!  Didn’t uninstall but used a LOT of hours before tired of it, well worth the $
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    Some of these links are ‘pay-links’ where I get some residual $ IF you click through and buy something, mostly via DLSite.  Saying so since some companies (cough cough Amazon) get scared the Govern-NOT is going to hassle them if people put links without telling so I get emails that seem to be threats that I’d better not mislead anyone… Hokay….  Again, no scripts, I don’t collect data on people - I just (mmmmaybe) get a few dimes here  and there from various ad-links you’ll see… I have no problem being open with what I consider obvious…  So saying this so some affiliate that might toss me a few $ for mentioning a product or two doesn’t get butthurt should be OK…
If you see that symbol, it’s a game I  haven’t played  personally.  If on this list means that likely due supporting Adult content I support a game that contains it as long as seems to be a workable game.  Also one man’s fetish is another’s vomit trigger, and what works good on one’s computer might not for another, etc.  I’ll try to include stuff I think is relevant and enjoyable, etc.