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Slave girls from Beyond the Galaxy! The late night ‘tribute’ that started this project…!  The year 4069 - in the Purple Nebula - a Hive starship cruises slowly but above the speed of light between stars.  On board are countless insectoid aliens - and some human captives.  Women.  Aliens want our Women.  In this case the Hive Queen needs to spend less time Egg Laying in the modern galaxy and so has ‘adopted’ many humanoid women as “Lesser Queens” allowed to assist in birthing duties but free of any ruling responsiblity…   They moan and scream in forced pleasure and agony as they are inseminated… As horrors squirm in their bellies… As they give birth to all sorts of bizzare insectoids!    None are there by choice!  They were slaves, kidnap victims, war captives.  Sold by unscrupulous pirates and governments to the Insectoids.  But between the horror and pain and ecstacy some plot to escape - to find freedom and get revenge!    Note : “C” on image = opens to larger comic.
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Like what you see?  Like a page with tons of excellent 3D porno but not full of pop ups and attack ads, lockdown scripts that assault your poor computer to make you wish you put a condom over the Cat-5 or Wifi Router Antennae?  No nonsense on registering, giving email, making up a dumb password with symbols you’ll never remember, etc.? Well, check out the trial “Visual Novel” if you haven’t already!  Click left image. AND - please - so we can prove the ‘standard model’ of web porn wrong - please consider buying products from me as they are released.  Visual novels, maybe some stickers or a donation button, maybe (G-d willing) a video game…  You “Vote” with your dollars, so if you like work like mine buying it votes for it.  I want to keep releasing stuff like this - I’ve put in a year’s effort to improve my 3d skills so far.  I’d like to earn some $ off my hobby… - Love and Peace! - ---  Offensiveness MaxXximVs ---