Visual Novels
First one is Free! Unlike most of the rest of the web, I don’t care about turning people who like my product into commodities.  Just click the link to download the working file.  Tyrannobuilder - a source I trust and use.  No need to ‘register’ or garbage like that!
Coming soon! The first chapter of the real story.  Will be on download sites for a small price, like $5 range.  Renderotica. DLsite, etc.  For more soonerthan later, check out the Gallery!
Caged Women in the Hell-Jail! Inspired by classic “Grindhouse” Women-In-Prison movies this visual novel series is about some American women in a fictional
but quasi real foreign scum-hole country prison system and their attempts to escape!  Offensive to everyone!
Diversity Hire in Space It is the future - a wonderous world more fantastic and better than today’s world.  However, due to politics the space corps has to send a woman into space.  One picked by college elitists for ‘social’ progress not for any S.T.E.M. skills!  She isn’t a SJW bitch, she just is a slacker who wants to get ahead sleeping around.  Now she’s a 5th wheel and the ship is in danger…! An Anti-Alien, Anti - “New Wave” The mission is to make Anita Sarkesian SCREAM!