For more adult content in gaming
     1 - WRITE to companies. Snail mail, you know, use the Postal service…  Satan don’t pay their bills.  The Govern-NOT gives them good “Corporate Welfare” but not a 100% free ride.  The “Social Justice Warriors” don’t pay either - they work 3 Starbucks jobs to pay interest on that “Gender Studies Degree”…  HOWEVER - the SJWs love to write, to call, to complain.  That’s the big differene how some whiny graduate studies militant feminists who get fired for writing ‘male tears’ on Starbucks cups too many times while spitting in them are able to have influence over ANYTHING in popular media.      2 - So WRITE to companies. Unlike the stereotype, unlike William Shatner’s ill-advised SNL skit from way back most gamers, RPG fans, comic readers DO “Have a LIFE” so I’m asking a lot but this is the best advice.  It will at worst counter the SJWs, but likely will reverse things so games, comics, media get FULL of boobies.  Yes, some companies will refuse - but if they stay woke they go BROKE.  That leads to the next lesson:     3 - SJW’s can’t make you BUY anything. Heard that?  You should do your best to avoid purchasing 1st sale ANY thing that is woke shit.  And don’t even “Steal” it - that is illegal downloading, etc.  That adds value to it believe it or not.  But “Used” - say ebay, “Used and new from…” on Amazon, in the bins at BigLots/DollarStore - any “Blockbuster” is dumped to the used markets quickly.  And easy enough to look up a plot synopsis so if the Stupervisor you need to be in good graces with loves it you can go “uh-huh…” and “Yes, I liked when he…” then watch it later if you care.     4 - So, Does this mean we want ALL games to be X-Rated Pornography? No, no no no…. Well, a few more.  But even I don’t want ALL games to be “Age of Barbarian” and “Boobs Saga”.  More like it, but there is room for all types of games including yes games that appeal to even the Rainbow Unicorn Snowflakes - or kids only, women, all audiences, etc.  Per Nietzsche “He who fights with monsters should take care not to become a monster himself.”  I don’t want to force poor Princess Peach to be in the main games on a bed with a train of other characters - though cool in fanart!  Heh, Ron Jeremy does make a neat Mario though…  But I want to counter Anita’s push.     5 - so HOW do we DO that, then? By arguing to push the needle a little farther - based on existing criteria.  Keep away from stuff that’d be obvious NO like the Freemium cash grabs, kids only games, blatant SJW sh-t.  But go to stuff that should be general audience and ask for things more male oriented - you want to see more skin on the ladies, or more cute/feminine behavior…  You want to rescue the princess and feel like a hero.  You want ladies in the background say dancing in the window, in swimsuits at the beach, standing and looking pretty.  Ask for some where none, ask for a little more - and then as this gets popular we’ll pump the S.A.R.K. score…     6 - How DO you expect that to work? Glad you asked! It’ll go like this - let’s say there’s a game that’s remnsicent of Asteroids, Gravatar, classic space shooters from the 1-bit and VECTOR era…  Let’s say its a while and more and more people ask for S.A.R.K. scores…  Now we are sane about it, we don’t want EVERY game to be X rated - but the more the merrier.  So they go “Hey, Phil, Can you do anything about the S.A.R.K. score?” and the programmer goes “Uh, DooooD this game is like 70s, 80s in image - like space zap shooter feel with enough modern computer graphics and variance to stand out…  Like did you think we were doing “Custer’s Revenge!?” And the marketer goes “Hey, I’m just trying to do anything, everything to make a sale…” - so once he calms down the programmer looks
it up - maybe he finds this site…  To any possible programmers sent this way---hope you don’t get in trouble - make sure the marketing guy gave you permission to view an ADULT site and print out the email or photograph the screen… --but if the office is that converged time to LEAVE and make sure you aren’t alone with a female co-worker or they’ll claimed you raped them when 30 years later you are the next Bill Gates and they are worhtless soon to be homeless cat lady failures-  Just my advice… Having said all that- it’s easy for a “Space Shooter 1980s style” to get a 2 on the S.A.R.K. score without radical re-programming or pornifying it! A - add a “Rescue the Princess” stage - like zap a mothership and some iconic but cute “Space Princess” appears. B - have a “Final” stage or “Reward” stage where if they zap enough critters from Uranus or whatever the Princess appears - bigger image but still simple/vectored - “My Hero!  I will space date you at the space restaraunt!” or something… Instant 2 on S.A.R.K. score - “damsel in Distress” - and “Women as Reward” - easy! Also maybe have dancing blue skinned (or green, red, etc.) sexy humanoid female aliens in a “Space Bar” if pixel level game - “Women as background decaration” You see we don’t HATE games without S.A.R.K. scores - but we encourage them - the more the merrier, yes, but ANY versus none is good too!  So a game that has a low score but really isn’t one we expect to have a high score - that is GOOD - we won’t bash it, we’ll celebrate it and pass along on our websites, blogs, social media and encourage people to buy it.  Mind you make a good, playable game also…JUST tits and ass aren’t all or we’d just argue trade hentai pics but not make games… And really - this is to make Anita Sarkesian scream and make the legacy of those “Social Justice” crazy clowns to be to make games “Worse” by their definition by adding the very content they complained about - content that was largely going away frankly with or without them…