RPGs worthy of Like     - I reccomend buying these
Dungeon Crawl Classics  - by Goodman Games     Head of the “OSR” or “Old School RPG” movement - this is a simple system designed to replicate the feel of original Dungeons and Dragons.  It’s got a unique feel to it but you could do it almost any genre from space to post apocalypse to wild west.  Though it has plenty of material the rules are loose enough to do anything you want, there’s no legion of pages to creep you out to make the rainbow unciorn snowflakes happy. Labyrinth Lord -by  Goblinoid Games     Another strong OSR, this truly has a feel of Dungeons and Dragons first settings mixed with other systems like Tunnels and Trolls. Swords and Wizardry -by Frog God Games    Picked up during Humble Bundle - neat simple RPG again reccomend due to simple/easy to adapt to personal play style and no obvious SJW crap. Hack-Master -by Kenzer and Company    Hoody Hoo!    This is a joke, right?!    The Game behind the satirical “Knights of the Dinner Table” has legit been made.  More or less one of the major early “Old school RPGs” it amounted to a re- release of Dungeons and Dragons with all the imperfections, rules loopholes, scantily clad women in illustrations - done as a joke before “Social Justice” became scarier than the clown from Steven King’s books. Lamentations of the Flame Princess    This game is TOPS - total daring, total F*ck you to SJWs, total stand for free speech.  Dark Fantasy role playing full of scary, gory, nasty stuff.
    Now - we actually are in a new good age for RPGs due to the interent allowing massive distribution and original D&D inspiring a generation of enthusiasts.  If its not on this list, it’s nothing bad, just I haven’t gotten around to it, mmmkay?  I don’t claim any of these people endorse me - just I like them/their product. As of this iteration of the website, I haven’t got paid links to said site working - but eventually will - big deal, I like these guys (and perhaps gals) - so if I provoke a sale for them, cool!
Alpha Blue by - Venger Satanis aka Korthalis Publishing   The first modern XXX game to be serious and open yet dare to push for mainstream.  Alpha Blue is a game set in some “Star Wars” ish future and centers around a roving Red Light (blue light, I suppose) space station full of assorted scum, villany and space hookers.  It’s really a fun game of adventure and crazy plots.  Fun to play and the guy behind it really has ballz!  Frankly if I ever make an RPG module for “Slave Girls from Beyond the Galaxy” well I’d do this system first, then FarFlung second.     ---UPDATE - am working on a possible project - but everything in the air and will take a while---! FarFlung SciFi Role-Play After Dark by Sanguine Productions     This is more of a storytelling game - there’s a simplified “Apocalypse Engine” set of stats that are really interesting.  It’s loosely set in the far future, not at but near the end of the Stellarfarous age and the characters are searching for fortune, fame, the meaning of the universe or some fun.  It’s ripe for adult situations and to go through various sci-fi adventure scenarios - think things like early Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, various cool “Artsy” science fiction movies.  Not really for the hyper “Space Marine” type wanting stats and to blast stuff ala Warhammer, but can fit those types in as characters.    Also of note there’s Myriad Song by same publisher - more on the line of traditional Star Frontiers/Traveller RPG with a 70s theme - Star Wars, Progressive Rock, etc. Black Pudding by J.V. West    Not really an RPG - but rather a magazine with simple RPGs built into them.  Imagine if the late Bode was alive and doing plenty of cool RPG illustrations.  Lots of cute warrior women, hot furry characters, chainmail bikinis and nipple armor…
  Oh, yeah, per that shitty Coppa/whatever I’m not directly sponsored for ANY of these games -  I’m putting the lists here coz I like them, if they turn cuck or I wake up and hate them I might change the list - I might put up “Pay-Links” where if someone goes direct and buys I get a tiny amount of $ but there’s no direct influence/contract/agreement - if I like these games I do and sponsor them by showing their names.