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First off, this page is “Link Free” - no idea how anyone would charge or demand permission to link a page, but  that’s how old school “Netiquitte” works… Absolutely you have permission to link me and please email me.  If I like your page, I might link back!  Per my “Make the net safe for free speech again” project I’d prefer it if people start going back to individual websites since “Social Media” is proving very untrustworthy.  I won’t refuse if you only put your stuff on Tumbr, but really the time to check for standards, do emails, wait for a ‘moderator’ when some snowflake hits the ‘flag’ button…and you lose some or ALL your pictures and texts…  How do you value your time?  Thus my first link is “Dreamhost” a server I like. Just don’t put up literal Kiddie P- or sell bombs to jihadists, etc. no problem.  And you can host video without worrying about bandwith. So - here are some banners! please use for link text.
Again, Dreamhost.  I’ve used them for years, on plenty of stuff that made people cry, from outraged right wingers to SJW sheeple.  I am an equal opportunity OFFENDER…!  Be they precious individual snowflakes who can’t stand someone considers their sophomonic triggypuff philosiphy stupid, nor their cultish dedication to rich elites who just want more tax breaks and hate them the
most to “Hipsters” that look and think the same and hold media focused attitudes that are an insult to stuff people marched for in the 60s and make Kerouac turn in his grave…I’ll offend ALL of them.  NEVER had any sort of issue on Dreamhost pages while social media gets taken down daily sometimes.  Just coz the CryBULLIES don’t like what I say and hit the “Complain” button not even believing I’ve legit done TOS wrong but wanting to disrupt for LULZ…  But a “Free” site where you are the product, well they sell your info to advertisers and you can’t say you didn’t get what you paid for…  So PAY a small amount to avoid problems…  These guys  host Neo-Nazi websites, the encrypted gibberish that allegedly is some of the nightmare fuel for the “Darkweb” stuff that makes decent Creepypasta…  So if you put nude images, (over 18 with permission/rights), run a dirty site (Slipshine!) express thought the groupthink doesn’t like, etc. and they cry and complain, they’ll get “F--- YOU!” back if they cry to them.  They’d take you down if you broke the law, when the law came knocking with a signed, specific warrant…  But that’s it, pay your bill and get free speech.  Yes, I do get a credit if you sign up using that link, I’d promote them without it and have often under other aliases not wanting to ID myself.  SJW cry-Bullies free to not cite me, but they might need a site when they get taken down when their own GroupThink or Social Media overlords decide to turn on them and ‘un-person’ them.
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    Below are some links to movies/books/comics etc. I like - will open in new tab/windows.  Paid affiliate links.  Your own risk but I use sites like eBay, etc - I really, REALLY hate sites full of popups that make the virus software scream and give warnings - please support the older links I post if interested because I want to drag the web BACK to older pre-”Lockdown Virus” 5th party criminal ads for a few PENNIES maybe…