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My Favorite “Grindhouse”/”Exploitation” era movie.  Very inspirational to my works!  This is the “If I re- did…” series originally on Renderotica that inspired my modern projects.  Awesome trash movie, click the link if you want to buy the thing.  They had to make some sacrifies to get an R rating - heh, imagine if it was released today.  The “Triggypuff” SJW crowd would be throwing trash cans and setting themselves on fire!   Man, the whole thing is made to get the “SJW” crowd freaking out.  Starts with the ditzy, naieve redhead who has a boyfriend who’s a drug dealer who takes her to a cockfight.  But it seems that day the local fuzz are trying to bust him, not ask for a bribe.  So he has her hold his smack while he distracts them, but she follows him around and gets caught with it!  So she’s sent to a vile women’s prison, lots of lurid nudity, torture, then a violent escape.  IMO Pam Grier at her best as the Lesbian racist (against whites and Americans) warden, though her “Blaxploitation” career started shortly after this movie.  So, the art in this section started years ago as an “If I re-did” section.  I hate the modern “Re-Make” movies but this would be a good exception to the rule. 
Big Doll House
    Shot side to side by the same crew as “Women in Cages” made two movies at the same time.  The movie “Machete Maidens unleashed” goes over this better.  Now most grindhouse fans like “Big Doll House” better.  I’m partial to Women in Cages - but oh well.  Still both had awesome torture scenes of luscious prisonoers.  This is the “If I Re-Did” for the “you’re next…” scene where Roberta Collins gets breast electricity.  Now, they had to cut things to make an R rating.  No internet, no direct to video…  If I re-did this scene in the modern age I’d have it start with the cool shocking, but instead of just recovering before getting disposed of she gets a ‘massage’ that triggers it by a turn-key.  Later I’d have him be a Rebel helping her escape or something…
Again, this is where I’d cut in - unlike the movie she’s dead.  The slutty commandant mocks poor Pedro, boasts how the El-Dictator is using the country as the American Empire’s Toilet, and people like him are too stupid and cowardly to rebel.  Pedro just politely waits till she’s gone.  He’s a desperate, degenerate man and just wants to fuck her.  But ends
up saving her life by massaging her, boy are they both surprised!  Then part of the plot where there’s ‘the revolution’ etc.  And have Pedro being the new Presidente for a happy ending!
Coz imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!         I’m posting links to the movies or other items that inspired these to attempt to generate sales for them out of my own admiration.  So any property owners feel free to email me.  I call “Fair use”, “Free Speech”, “Parody” and the imitations I put on this site are free advertising and tell a new generation these movies exist, okay?  If I take the time to put stuff up especially the “If I did/Re-Did” series - I love you - you’ve inspired me, this generates $ for
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Movie Links from Amazon - Women in Cages, Big Doll House, Big Bird Cage, Galaxy of Terror, Machete Maidens Unleashed if I’ve piqued your interest by my loving fan works, please consider clicking on the Amazon links.  Mixed reviews coz these movies are so BAD they are GOOD!  Yes, I get a sliver if you buy them, but hey, support what you like, vote with your $
you and you can get a good writer/concept artist for a song - Or dream date with Pam Grier, I don’t care her age… (just joking, though I still admire her!)  Normally I loathe the “Culture of Re-Make” in the movie industry, but really these movies should get a re-make.  Since “B” / ”Exploitation” / ”Grindhouse” it’s hard to argue the “Literature” or “Culture” is damaged or debased, no?  And use modern technology and looser standards but don’t pull any punches…  Again, you’d get a great writer with love for the medium and the notoriety if you spat in the PC crowd’s face would be millions in advertising! The above was in a respectful tone for anyone who had a hand in these awesome movies - below is for the CryBully Trolls -warning at the bottom.  Where the vermin belong…
“I hope you are enjoying yourself, I’m having fun…!” For refusing the lesbian advances of the Warden, Roberta Collins is spun on a wheel to start her torture.  IMO she should have munched dark rug - junkie traitor slut had a nasty end.  Won’t spoil it for you though.  Really hot!
“So, you were a Tattle-Tale!?” Warden “Matron” Amanda is pissed the prisoner tried to complain to human rights inspectors - that were government officials and so crooked they couldn’t sit straight - still more ‘tea money’ (what they call bribery in the east) is less Heroin money so she was bringin’ on the discipline….
Again, this is “if I re-did” at work.  The original movie had to keep an “R” rating - no internet, no direct to video.  And the actress was really good at avoiding full nudity…  Not if I re-made it!  It’d be explicit full spread and insertion.  And real electricity.  Oh, not an “I.N.S.E.X.” thing, though I’d have their successor ( consulted to get just enough Zap so she can act real good without real injury!
“Guillotine Pleasures…”
      This is a scene I’d totally re-do if I re-made it…  The first torture scene…    No disrespect to the original cast, crew, etc.  They had to get an “R” rating.  Still it was one of the hottest bondage scenes in cinema even with being cut too soon…    In the movie the lady in question picks a fight with a cute Filipino girl who’s there just because her boyfriend was a rebel.  She was jealous/hateful that she didn’t have to cut cane in the fields, just munched the Warden’s rug.  So they pick a fight, Pam Grier asks what is the issue.  “She said something…about you and me…”    So “Take her to the PlayPen!”       Really, this movie had the hottest bondage in cinema, even modern “S&M” movies don’t really do as good.  But this scene got cut out when they got to the torture.  Still the nudity, running, near accident with a French Razor, etc.  IMO that scene was a “Happy Accident” aka “Near Disaster” - I bet she bumped it legit and the blade fell legit.  It was a REAL dungeon being used for real, they just paid Marcos to film there.  See “Machete Maidens Unleashed” for more info on the filming…     If I re-did it I’d not have her feet burned and cut out at the start of it.  But of all the women in the cages, IMO she deserved punishement.  Black widow.  Killed her husband.  Even the Junkie Blonde had her reasons.  So I’d have it start the same way, teasing the lady over her tenuous rug muncher position and it turns into a fight.  But after the running around, Pam Grier subduing her - “Everyone’s goin’ Kung Fu Fightin!” with a Judo chop.  Well I’d have it like - Warden: “There, now, Comfy…?” Prisoner - “What kind of sick game are you playing!?” Warden - “A real nice one, you will like it!”
Prisoner “You can’t scare me…!” Warden - “Can’t I…?  You just jealous you have to work cutting cane.  Why not wait you turn, cracker!?” Prisoner : “No!  You are gross, immoral!” Warden : “Now ain’ that a mean thang to say?  And you be da one ta judge?  Yew had a rich white cracker husband who bought you lots of goodies but you didn’t even make him any kids.  An you just demand more and more.  Ah read yo file.  He moved here coz the De-Vorce laws ain’t here what they be becomin’ in the U-Nighted States of Racism (this is a 70s era movie) but you hire some thug to kill him.  Problem is, he done put the Chief of Po-Lice here’s son through college so your dumb alibi don’t work when most people here liked him. Warden - So Ah’m gonna make a bet.  You be just a cracker slut an jealous of my toy here…!  I push her aside you snuggle with me in mah room.  So let’s see.  If you be able to prove me and her wrong.  You just lie there.  She go lickety split.  If you be a moral lady, she just bore you…  If you be a sinner and a slut, you be comin - and you be GOIN…!    So scene with good hardcore licking and “I.N.S.E.X.” like forced orgasm.     I’d set it up like this - first make sure there’s video of her consenting, doesn’t mind being touched and penetrated sexually or a ‘very physical acting role that might involve slight injury or abrasion…”  Mock execution scene, show her the blade and test a bunch of times.  In between lots of other stuff, like trying to seduce a male guard, climbing walls in a skimpy outfit, etc.  Then to make it more ‘real’ distract her a bit.  Lots of acting that day so she’s really fatigued and tired, in the contract.  Then - point out the ‘bonus’ later - she’s going to get an extra $5000 if she can avoid orgasming for 10 minutes.  Since she’s probably a porno actress, no problem, can fake it, etc.  But part of the fun would be for the Oriental girl actress importing a good sex worker from one of the hot spots.  So she could put her tongue expertly, touch her right to trigger a visible one that’d be incredibly powerful with her fighting it and being overwhelmed in such a way would freak her out.  Then at the climax, drop the blade.  She’d be so distracted by the forced orgasm she’d probably have forgotten about all else and really freak out!    And in the movie I’d not have killed her there either - but they have the Guillotine to drop just right so it almost chops her, even slight wound on the neck.  The CIA had various chess piece countries in the Cold War do things like this all the time.  And they loved them for it.  Had to “Fight Communism” - so they picked leaders who absolutely they could trust to fight Communism because they were living, breathing advertisements for the concept!  And then when the Cold War thawed they were there to talk to globalist bankers and use their countries as toxic waste dumps!  To be fair, the “Commies” also propped up tons of “Pigs who throught themselves Most Equal” just as or more brutal.  Lots of innocent people suffered for that chess game.
Women in  Cages
Women in Cages
Galaxy of Terror
Galaxy of Terror
This was a D--- cool movie!  Meant to suck from the wind of Alien’s sails, it kind of was a cool plot on its own.  IMO it’d have been a decent “Horror Scifi” comic like in Epic Illustrated or Heavy Metal.  It’s mostly remembered for the notorious “Maggot rape scene” where a hot actress gets the “Tentacle Hentai” treatment way before Japanimation got to the US shores.  Inspired bits from what I’m doing.  Oh, and per the Creative Commons Wikipedia image - the “Source” for the monster is a ‘mealworm’ which is like in the Public domain since - ? 300 million B.C.?  So what was an alien tech induced hallucination of fear of bugs I turned into a legit creature that’ll appear in Slave Girls from Beyond the Galaxy, probably issue #2 - this first thing is just a trial run.
Tribute to Druuna 1
Fanart for Betty Page, the “Alpha Blue” RPG by Venger Satanis, 4 pics of Druuna…
Cool game “Unholy Disaster” - Japanese - Metrovania tribute.  Some pretty and ditzy blonde “Priestess” goes around trying to fight evil.  You get to ‘collect’ images and scenes, notably when she’s assaulted or game over by the various monsters she fights….  Yes, you can order it from DL site, works good on American PC’s, etc.
Doujin manga and game download shop - DLsite English