On Un-Personing and it’s solution
"First they came for Alex Jones..." Lately there has been a lot of abuse of power in 'social media'. The real thing was - One Man's Opinion - a test of the weakness of "Net Neutrality" with a ... person (at least legally) pretending to be President having a cruel sock puppet who's a shill for anti-net Neutrality forces as head of the FCC.  True Irony for if it wasn't for a 'free for all internet' he'd not have been elected.  Again, just one man's opinion... But social media has gone from only removing or blocking in cases of extreme abuse to casually using it.  It seems YouTube is the worst - almost every channel now is complaining about being "De-Monetized" that is they can use their platform but because someone somewhere complained no more revenue no matter how popular.  And no real competition.  After all, you can get on there for "Free" so no arguing the "Price", right?  Problem is, they sell YOU - all the data they collect - to advertisers.  In theory they should pay you, rather than providing a 'free' service in exchange with more and more and more catches and exceptions and zero reliability. So SJWs get a power surge hitting the complaint buttons on "Alt Right" sites, the right wingers retaliate, no speech remains...  After all, there's nothing out there (art, literature, music) that doesn't offend someone somewhere - even "G-Rated" stuff.  Check out issues with Disney, like Donald Duck being banned for no pants and the uncertain father of Huey, Duey and Louie...  Or changing times like how Donald Duck painted a rock like a baseball so he could clobber the "Carnival Dodger" and win Daisy the prize...that's certainly out of modern Disney stuff but was 100% family friendly and wholesome the day it was printed...  Get rid of everything that someone somewhere doesn't like, we'll have nothing, save the most generic sludge... The net goes towards being "T.V. 2.0".... So, how to fight back? GET .  YOUR .  OWN .. F----ing . Website. It's not that hard. And it's not that expensive. Years back it was.  I know from webcomics I did from the late 90s.  Used to have to count bytes and sweat over what I'd do if the bandwith went out of hand, etc. And a lot of sites I programmed with "Notepad" not able to afford the pricing schemes for very limited browser makers...  Even did a bunch of HTML editing myself. Matter of fact, that's what caused the rise of "Social Media" - YouTube if your video went viral you didn't owe a fortune for 1 million viewing it and later you could even make good money off of it.  But no competition what did you expect them to do?  Gotten to the point where people blackmail the remaining earners with threats to flood Copyright strikes to cost them money.  Serious search it on YouTube... So, check out private web servers. Now, I have used for a long time "Dreamhost" Yes, I get a credit if someone signs up and uses said referral "30021"  - but I've recommended them many, many times with no reward.  And even during my poorest times I've been able to afford them.  Right now plans are better than ever with virtually no throttle/overcharge possible.  Well, for extreme options if you tried to make YouTube 2.0 literally they'd talk to you, but your cat video just on your regular website goes viral rejoice you'll win the site of the month award!  Also they care about free speech and CASH more than almost any other site out there.  They host plenty of professional porn sites - like slipshine. If  you put something illegal (like Cheese Pizza for Wicked Witch Hillary or bombs sold over the net for Aggy Haddist) it'll get taken down - when Da Fuzz/Fed Fuzz comes in with a specific warrant.  Otherwise they've had NeoNazi sites, porn sites, the tangle of encrypted TOR stuff that might be a good part of the Nightmare Fuel for the "Deep Web" stuff...  Pay money and if any legal problems show us the legal papers F--- off and get your own site to the CryBullies, with good offers for them if they want to use their service.  Anyone wants to make a site on how people need to get "Woke", fine, they'll provide service.  Any "Extreme Nationalist" ditto.  Any person with the latest "TimeCube" hey, pay us the money you put whatever "Cannot be disproven" theory you want... Not out to encourage Red Rooms and guys mis-using the "Tiki Torch" in a march... (1) BUT - if they tolerate all of that - they won't have a problem with YOU over the tiniest of issues made big by CryBully complaints. Say SJW's are lunatics who are an insult to and only hurting the real social progress people lived and died for.  Or the "Right Wing" are suckers for a current president who probably spits on pictures of them in his massive "Free Time" with a label "useful IDIOTS" suggested by his Russian friend.  "One Man's Opinion"...  You do that on Facebook - "Aaaaaeeeeee!  Hallp us!  Haateee Speeech!  Ban him!  Baaaannn himmm!  How dare he say anything I don't like!  Baaannnnn!" - imagine a SHEEP bleating.  Oh, wait, that's insulting - to SHEEP.... With Dreamhost (or any sane private, paid webserver) you won't have to worry when you upload something if it's within the law even by strict technicality.  Just pay your bill.  A latte or something monthly depending on plan and your area. And compare the work of even ONE take down or fake complaint caused by some screaming CryBully who can't stand anyone not having the right to say anything they don't like - not that they don't scream over their "Free Speech" when it works for them.  All the emails to eventually get to what might be a human admin, lots of them with personal agendas...  The TIME alone is worth the $.  Again like not buying one Latte or other casual but wasteful luxury a month.  On DMCA reports they'd have to FULLY identify themselves and sign legal papers, immediately giving the site a promise to be liable for $ if false.  You won't get away with re-launching the "Pirate bay" (unless REALLY encrypted, then it might last for a little while but please don't) but false DMCA won't go anywhere.  That is because a paying customer is worth more than appealing to a whiny CryBully by instantly responding to fake complaint as if true.  A "Free" service doesn't give sh-t about you, they already got your data when you signed up and sold it and will keep selling it.  A paid server earns from your paying them. So again, consider a personal page and hosting via a paid service - www.dreamhost.com/ Oh, and for an all in one web creation tool I use and kinda like Xara And it has FTP but I use CoreFTP coz still in my comfort zone. Also don't pay blackmail extortion usury rates to "The Shop" - try  Affinity based software.  I LOVE it...  Now the Dreamhost link pays me, no direct paylink for the others though I certainly vouch for them all with or without compensation. Also, for searching - try to use DuckDuckGo - it doesn’t record results but sells ads based on searches, nor collects personal info.  Using them Google and other big data don’t get paid.  They don’t filter or block results so you can search for porno pics.  And they tend to list my sites almost instantly whereas Google nowadays can be a looonnng wait. So - stop the Un-Personing by getting your own "Person" your own web identity, your own URL, then if you have a problem with social media you can live without it - or have your fans go to your real webspace and "Hydra" that is re- upload by the dozen (or hundreds of thousands using a Chinese web service) pics and articles they take down. Sincerely, Offensiveness MaXXXimVs www.galaxyslavegirls.com/ Footnote 1 - That "Tiki Torch" used in white power marches... The STUPID it BURNS.... Holee Fruit of Da Gawdz - as in a classic pictorial in Larry Flynt's wonderful magazine, but a while back seeing the Tiki Torches used in that march...  "Tiki Torches" are supposed to light your LUAU where you play Les  Baxter's "Ritual of the Savage" and other 50s "Exotica" lounge music and decorate the back patio with "Tiki" culture stuff, if you are lucky one of the ladies in your social circle dresses in Hawaiian gear - heh, sometimes the men do.  You "Get Primitive"...  I love "Tiki Culture" though it had its heyday long before I was born.  I mean, they just wanted to carry torches and bought what was cheapest and best lasting... But, really, to use those as a symbol for "White Pride"...  There's a Tiki lady frowning or crying and a Tiki God really, REALLY about to send bad juju to people over that...  Tiki might be sexist, macho, a little racist and grossly "Cultural Appropriations" in max - but it is a love and nostalgia for elements of other cultures...  What otherwise conservative, Christian people did in the 50s to chill out and blow off steam before the 60s stuff got into gear and went mainstream by the 70s. Like total stupid.  If I organized such a march I'd have shown them how to make real torches and advised NOT to use
them for that reason.  But despite my personna and anti-PC stance here I'm not racist.  Well actually we are all 'racist' its part of humanity's soul, but it's how we act on it.  Lots of friends of various groups and religions and such in my RL social circle.