RPGs worthy of Hatred      - I reccomend NOT buying these
    Now, really, I’m for “Free Speech” to near absolute.  I don’t care if some game has a subject I don’t like or the authors have a political or religious view, etc. I don’t like.  I mean one BILLION and one better things to do. However…! Games that have earned a place on this list are games that I know of that have accepted a Cuck’d, Social-Justice agenda - but usually due to formerly having been a respected game company they don’t advertise - rather they keep feeding off the base while within the vile SJW worms corrupt the host to kill it.    What follows is “One Man’s Opinion” and why - make it clear I advocate NO violence, harassment - even nasty emails or blog postings coz the Rainbow Unicorn Snowflakes that run it have an ear to the fake media and report even an “I disagree with …” as “Hate Speech”, a “Death Threat” etc.  What I post is again “One Man’s Opinion” and a reccomendation to go to many other RPGs out there versus supporting a once great company now sliding to Social Justice toxic sludge. Again, anyone of the “Social Justice” outlook? Well just MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING RAINBOW UNICORN  SNOWFLAKE GAME…      Make it LOUD it’s for followers of your narrow ideology and no one else is welcome to buy it…  Hey, all you got to do is type it up and put it on the net, you don’t need to have a pile of dead trees - recycled or not - and transporation, mailing, shelf-space…  Put it on DriveThru RPG and any number of online stores, get a $5 again for “The Cause” or whatever - I won’t post the game here in insult unless you ask me to.    So - onwards to the list: Dungeons and Dragons and most “Major” gaming companies these days… Including “White Wolf”…     This is sad - I cut my munchkin teeth on D&D.  But I haven’t bought anything new from them since 3rd edition and no no “Stealing” just rather used or other RPGs.  They’ve been chewed up and shat out by SO many companies they are #1 target for “Social Justice” ruining them by infilatration and pollution.  Except by a reverse Un-Virtue signal such as a re-issue of “Book of Vile Darkness” but legit +18 not mmmaybe R rated like the 3rd edition thing…  I’m hearing some real shit rumors.  Not going to post (yet) but “one man’s opinion”…    Now I’m not saying don’t ever play them again - or ditch your existing stuff - just look into the new books and be aware they might be SJW converged so you’d be buying bland shit with a SJW message hacked out by people who probably never played the game but got “Diversity” hired right out of some Debt Factory (college)…     Usually when a game gets converged its too late - but these do change hands soon.  If D&D does go through a “Cuck” phase it’s sales will plummet - especially if we warn people - and then some other company will buy them up and back to “Silver Princess” and girl wearing jeweled lingerie fighting an Efreet on a cover…! Monte Cook Games    Aka “Monte CUCK Games” - formerly pretty cool but have been SJW converged.  How I dare say?  Their “Consent in Gaming” piece of SHIT.  Short of a game from a major RPG company like D&D detailing Satanic pacts in the 80s there’s little more they could do to give the Nucking Futz Fundies who always use RPGs as a cheap target ammo.    It’s like this: Q.  How is an RPG like a pornographic magazine or a brutal sadistic sex film like I.N.S.E.X.? A.  They both require a list of actions that might be offensive/hurtful and a consent agreement from participants to avoid problems later.    Thank you, Monte CUCK games - you’ve lowered RPGs to the level of
vile raw sex, vicious whippings that draw blood, knives slid into cunts and cutting and choking bondage movies…  And yes the Nucking Futz Fundies will indeed use this to try to ban them again sooner or later… Zweihander    Relatively new game - lots of art, lots of cool rules, neat “GrimDark” theme.  I liked this game - despite discovering it at a time watching any new purchases I almost went “Take my money NOW!” and paid nearly full price for it.  Luckily it was at Barnes and Noble so I read through it…  And found early on… Gender Neutrality What …. the … CUCK!? The CUCK, it BURNS…! It BURNS, the CUCK!!!    A “GrimDark” game that struggles to be Politically CORRECT…    Almost literally “Kosher as Ham on Rye”…    GrimDark is the polar opposite of Political Correctness.    Now don’t mis-understand.  If you do GrimDark you don’t have to make themes of sexism, racism etc.  However a world a story that is GrimDark is one where indeed such bad things happen as the norm.  Where cruel things indeed happen to good people and there’s no guaruntee of justice.  Where even if the heroes do “save the world” and make everything lovy-dovy well once they die things will go right back to shit most likely - or perhaps become corrupted and twisted and become the new evil oppression.    Frankly, I hate them least on this list, even if I add more.  I honestly don’t wish ill.  I’m grateful to them for at least spelling out early how they were on the road to CUCKery - such as the road to HELL, paved with good intentions.  Otherwise I’d have spent $60 on some big book and likely screamed and bashed it, then not been able to return it.  And likely worried people the language I’d use.  Fortunately I could bite my lip to near blood and hold myself and put the book back and NOT buy it.     And warn others not to buy it, unless they like CUCK in their RPG…! Fate of Cthulhu -and anything from Evil Hat Games-    Bunch of fake liberal CUCKS - Just “One Man’s Opinion”    However, through official communications and twitter and pages in their RPG books they’ve made it clear they want to make MONEY off the memory of HP Lovecraft - but they hate Lovecraft the person, his politics, etc.  At least - like the start of this article they are HONEST about it - spelling openly that if you don’t believe 100% in their social justice politcs they “Don’t want your money”…    I thank them for it.  If you have any RESPECT for H.P. Lovecraft you won’t buy from this company…    To respect HP Lovecraft, well you don’t have to be racist - but recognize he had racist attitudes though quite MILD for his time and he never hurt anyone - he mostly HID from other people.  He softened a bit later in life also.  This company - “Just one man’s opinion” is garbage -a  “Cash grab” that’d probably go “Cancel Culture” on Lovecraft if he was alive today, trying to organize boycotts of Weird Tales for paying him money, maybe vicious attacks “Puch a Nazi” style, etc.    And per Doomcock “Without RESPECT we REJECT”     Pretty funny, really, coz Cthulhu is really “Liberal” even if his creator was racist by today’s standards… - catering to non-whites, mulattos, degenerate swamp dwelling metis white people (that good WASP society hated) - but really wants anyone in his cult to awaken him - so he can drive us all mad and EAT ALL of us - no prejudice to race, religion, whatever…  This depiction of “Lovecraft Country” of Klansmen worshipping him - they’d get a smack with a tentacle to let ANYONE join the “Real Klan of Kthulhu” or whatever.  Nom nom nom…
Just FYI, I ain’t posting any links, any pay links, any pics from these games on this page.  I don’t want to promote them, I don’t want to make even a DIME from them even if some SJW reads this and marches to buy them to flip me one, hey, if there’s a market, good.  And I don’t want an attempt to silence me via a fake DMCA claim by some SJW for posting ‘their’ work even a cover clearly protected under fair use…  Mind you I’ll SUE any fake DMCA claim - serious I can do that - and this is MY site, not some site under a ‘free’ service, I don’t fear some CryBully filing one or a thousand fake complaints.