For a better RPG industry…
     I propose simply that to preserve the hobby we encourage the sales of myriad “Indie” “Old School RPG” businesses - and - we run our own campaigns however we damn well want to. Simple as that. Sounds like the simplest thing in the world… Doesn’t it?     “Social Justice Warriors” want some kind of fantasy world they can role play in… (versus the real one they do in already) Well, more power to them.  Have them put big signs of how the game is for hyper ‘tolerant’ super extreme ultra leftists all over and those without the ideology are unwelcome to play…      I wish them luck in their own tiny armpit somewhere…    BUT - the problem is that they don’t just do that.  They take over other people’s hobbies and then sabotage them.  Not even to make a profit and change the ‘industry’ but rather to ruin it for people they don’t like - White Males - yes “Social Justice” is vicious and racist also culturalist against whites, especially white males and any traditional value from religious to social.  A real irony is that only on the shoulders of the “Patriarchy” were they allowed the freedom to be as absurd as they are being.  Make no mistake, it is sexism, racial hatred and cultural attack - they don’t want to turn an RPG or other medium (Anime, Movies, Video Games, Comic Books) any more ‘inclusive’ they want to ruin it for the main audience to hurt them in some way.  The wreckage of the publishing industry in the late 70s to mid 80s is proof of this.    To fight:     The first thing to realize is that you “Vote” with your “Dollars” - if a game gets taken over by college fake liberals who want some kind of rainbow unicorn fantasy - well they can’t hold a GUN to your head to buy it.
    If they start to buy into some game - well do raise your voice:  “Look, these changes are ridiculous - sure that lady is dressed a bit scantily for a dungeon crawl but come ON, it’s classic”…  If there’s any sense left whoever owns it will go “Uh, I hired you as a writer, not an editor or social police, respect the fanbase or pack and leave - no way your college friends who seem to be ‘managers’ of references you had me call but the real places never heard of you have enough industry clout to make up for losing 90% of my customers…”    But - sad thing is - this might NOT work.    Lots of time it’s been chewed up and shat out by one big company after another and the mouth keeps eating the tail but there’s no magick they feed on in real life so its diminishing.  This sort of chew up shit out management is a perfect infection vector for the “Social Justice” parasite - they get hired to fill ‘diversity’ points and fearing a racial/sexual allegation that can destroy a career even if defended against the MIS-Management doesn’t dare police them.    In that case abandon.  They don’t like the product any more, they don’t respect.  And per Doomcock - “Without respect, we REJECT” - make it clear you’ll no longer buy NEW products any more from the company and seek only older stuff or alternative stuff.     Finally - the RPG world has no “Our way or the highway” - there’s a GLUT of RPG material.  Pick something that isn’t butchered, censored or CUCK’d to death.  Spread the world for what is good and what is bad.     And, though I said “Finally” there’s nothing making you play what you want other than you.  Modify the rules to your taste.     Frankly, till the Politically Correct set their site on RPGs I mostly played PG-R rated and didn’t care X-rated save a joke.  Now I’m for X-rated along with racist, sexist stuff - JUST to make the Social Justice parasites SCREAM.