Making the Web safe for Independant thought again!
I shan’t waste your time with pointless blather, though that is the purpose of an 'About’ webpage, no? To put it simply, this page is a project to entertain, to make a small amount of coinage in exchange for erotic tittilation and diversion.  Perhaps a bit of personal expression…..  Also to inflict frustration on the world that causes me pain-…  In a nice manner,
though.  Just screaming and masturbating and throwing my semen out the window would get me beaten by da fuzz and arrested. (rightly so!)  And getting a machine gun and shooting..well I’d not do that either….  So…, might as well make a naughty website!     As a wee laddy I watched all sorts of naughty movies.  Wanted to rent XXX movies but small town so no go, attempt at using fake ID well they knew me and would tell my parents for a deserved spanking.  However, was able to rent "R" rated movies and the "Grindhouse" had been dumped to the VHS market.  Thank goodness I was protected from seeing Ron Jeremy pump his dick into Christy Canyon.  Instead got to see Pam Grier burn and shock and spin some pretty white ladies.  Ilsa boil and live autopsy others.  A tribute to Glorius Gaius Germanicus Ceasar…!  Various idealized impressions of the Marquis De Sade.  In short, much worse than the legit XXX market at the time, just contained in a plot to get away with it.  "The Flesh and Blood Show" aka "The Wizard of Gore" really joked on that issue.  Whacking off to that along with H.R. Giger images copied from Omni really warped me..  What fond memories!     So, this project is to express 'adult’ thought in a nasty and consumable way.     All characters intended to be adults though fictional, no real persons used, etc.     Works fiction, meant to entertain.  Furthermore, I ain’t holdin’ a Gladius to your throat to view my stuff so you can go elsewhere if you don’t like this!
As a side note, please check out Dreamhost. The link to the left. There’s been a bad movement in the web. Too many using "Free" webhosts, where they become the product - but free speech was an illusion and obviously you can’t argue the price if they decide to "un-person" you.  The solution is to PAY for your hosting then as long as you are doing nothing legit illegal, like no Kiddie P--- or selling bombs to Jihadists, no problem!
Greetings, Netizen!